Alchemistas – Beyond the Veil is an unprecedented collection of 55 of the World’s Best and Emerging Visionary Artists, published together for the first time!  This is not your average coffee-table book, it’s unconventional design and the beautifully intricate artwork will provide hours of eye-candy guaranteed. This first edition of the book is available for a limited time and is sure to become a collectors item.  It was created by the Artists themselves and all of the proceeds will go towards future collaborative projects.  The book provides the ultimate companion to the interactive Alchemistas App.  Get your beautiful hardbound copy today while supplies last!

Contains amazing artwork by these artists and more: Mark Henson, Mariela de la Paz, Andrew Gonzales, Andrew Jones, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Luke Brown, Chris Dyer, Darren Minke, Autumn Skye Morrison, Cameron Gray, Adam Scott Miller, Brian Paul Smith, Krystleyez, Mugwort and GeoGlyphiks.

Testing in progress — no orders shall be fulfilled during testing process.

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